The Band

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, from the stormy Shetland islands in the far north to the Southern Uplands in the south, pipe music is the musical pulse of Scotland. The Swiss Midland Pipe Band takes up this pulse and gives it a voice in Switzerland. Whether famous marches and slow airs such as Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace or traditional Strathspeys and Reels, the band gives expression to the many facets of the Scottish bagpipes in their music.

The Pipe Band competitions are an extremely important part of the bagpipe culture in Scotland.  Not only do they serve as a means for bands to reflect on their own current standard, but also act as an incentive towards perfecting their musical prowess. To maintain their high musical standard, the Swiss Midland Pipe Band regularly takes part in national and international competitions. Evidence of their musical ability is reflected in their many successes over the years. They were Swiss Champions in 2004 and 2009, and currently hold the Swiss Vice-Champion title.

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